Our Board

The Board of Directors of the Calgary Signal Hill Conservative Association is elected by the members of the Conservative Party of Canada living in Calgary Signal Hill. The Board meets monthly at various locations within the riding.  Our Elected Member of Parliament sits on the Board as an ex-officio member.


The Board has a number of standing committees which perform extensive work to help further the Board’s Strategic Plan. The current standing committees are:

  • Governance Committee – focused on maintaining appropriate governance functions for the board such as it’s constitution, bylaws, policies and procedures.
  • Fundraising Committee – focused on preparing the Board to fund the next election campaign.  
  • Youth Outreach Committee – focused on providing opportunities within the conservative movement for young people.
  • Policy Committee – focused on developing party policy according to the Conservative Party’s grassroots policy process.  
  • Members Services & Outreach Committee – focused on providing value to existing members, and encouraging new members to join the party.  
  • Social Committee – focused on the creation and operation of social events for members and constituents.

Committees are always looking for additional members.  If you are a current member of the Conservative Party of Canada living in Signal Hill and would like to join a committee, please contact us.